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There are many reasons why a personal website is a good idea. If you have a small business that you want to promote, you’ll need a webpage. Authors, musicians and artists need webpages to help market themselves.

  • One Website, Many Devices
  • You Can Promote Your Business Products or Services Cheaply
  • Reduced Bounce Rate due to Better User Experience
  • Recommended By Google
  • Positive User Experience Is Key
  • It is your brand which you own and control
  • Responsive Design is Preferred for SEO

The introduction of smart devices and their ease of availability have shifted the use of the internet, from desktop PCs to hand-held smart devices. A research suggests that the year 2015 will witness internet usage on mobile devices to match the usage on desktops. This means that all businesses should ensure that their websites are compatible with these devices. Being compatible in this way means that the website automatically detects the device, while it is being viewed, and adapts to the screen size for easy viewing. This adaptability feature is known as Responsive Website Design.

Responsive Website Design

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A professionally designed website can create the impression that your business is well-established and prosperous – it doesn’t matter if you are working from your bedroom. This ability to make a small business appear much bigger gives you the opportunity to really make a dent in the marketplace.

One of the biggest reasons is to market yourself. In the internet age, you pretty much have to have a website if you want to be relevant. For small business, a website is a great way to draw in new customers and show them what you have to offer. You can also operate an online store through your website, which can help increase your sales, because it introduces your product to a whole new customer base. A lot of people do all their shopping online these days, so if you want to stay competitive having a website is a necessity..


  • A Website Can Turn You Into an Expert
  • You Can Promote Your Business Products or Services Cheaply
  • Do not redirect your domain to MySpace or Facebook
  • Own your domain and site
  • You Can Make a Small Business Appear Much Bigger
  • It is your brand which you own and control
Having a website related to your career or business makes you more credible. It shows that you are passionate about what you do. It can mean that you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs because you can prove your commitment to your career. Your website can also provide reassurance to potential clients that you are serious about your work.. Isn’t it time that you enjoyed some of the many benefits of having a website? Wouldn’t you benefit from a dedicated platform where you could express your creativity and share your thoughts? The online world is a wonderful source of opportunity, but you need to have a presence in order to get noticed.